In Context: Don’t Drop a Book on Your Head!

January 1, 2024
This sketch was made from one of the fabulous photos of fair-goers Earth’s World posts on social media, and allows sketchers to work from, with attribution. It’s also one in a long string of my tests of using different dagger brushes in portraiture. Expect a post about that sometime in the new year I’m sure.

The text on the page says it all.

Have a happy, healthy New Year.

And don’t drop a book on your head!

    • Trudy Mason
    • January 1, 2024

    I have been working ob getting more sleep too…so important for my day to day functioning…and for avoiding things like books falling on heads!

    1. Reply

      No worries Trudy, I figured you were typing on your phone and knew what you meant in context! Good luck with getting more sleep I think that’s a great thing to aspire to!

    • Trudy Mason
    • January 1, 2024

    …and making typos!

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