Useful Painting Tools: The Mouth Atomizer

November 11, 2023

As painters we do love our gadgets. But I like to find workhorse gadgets that have many applications and help me create an unusual texture or approach, while also speeding things up.

The mouth atomizer is good for all that.

It’s the perfect tool for artists who don’t own, or don’t want to deal with, an airbrush. 

I get questions about it all the time. Currently I’m rebuilding my digital file system and things are starting to pop up that I haven’t seen for years. 

Yesterday I found this video of my mouth atomizer demo. I’ve put it up as a public video on YouTube here.   It’s actually easier and less messy to use than a toothbrush!

The video is self-explanatory. I show you my mouth atomizer and explain how I use it, what I use it with, and how to create masks that can enhance your use of the tool.

I hope you’ll go and check it out and subscribe to my YouTube Channel, because I’ve been unearthing more videos that will be posted now and then. I think you’ll enjoy them if you’re interested in the topics I typically discuss on my blog.

Originally the video was created for my online Textures class. I closed my online classroom a couple years ago when my permanent double vision made it impossible for me to spend the hours necessary to edit my online video lessons. Instead I currently focus on my Patreon/RozInterim site. (I encourage you to check it out and subscribe. You can see demos and creativity posts there going back to 2019.)

The mouth atomizer you see me use in my video is rigid and doesn’t fold down. At around US$50 it may be more than you want to pay to try something out.

BUT there is a foldable mouth atomizer available from a bunch of sources if you do a Google search. At less than US$10 it’s something you can work into your art budget. (I have a foldable one as well and use it all the time. It isn’t in my video because studio elves hid it on taping day. I like to give you options and I discussed the foldable mouth atomizer in my class when it resurfaced!)

Again, don’t miss watching my demonstration on how to use the Mouth Atomizer here

    • TedB
    • November 12, 2023

    Thank you for this post and the video. I too started using a mouth atomizer long ago because of Ralph Steadman’s work. I had an air brush too for a long time but eventually gave it away because I seldom used it (and did not like the noise). Recently I have been doing a number of India ink drawings and began using the mouth atomizer again. Your video has been a nice refresher and contains a number of tips to make my use easier.

    1. Reply

      Ted, glad you enjoyed this. (Ralph Steadman! Yay!) I have to say I always hated the air compressor noise, so anything to escape that. I’m so glad that you are have been using your mouth atomizer with your India ink drawings! Happy times!

    • Frank Bettendorf
    • November 12, 2023

    Really excellent video because each step is explained and the result is easy to see. Good “do’s and don’ts.” Thanks.
    Frank B

    1. Reply

      Frank I’m so glad that you enjoyed this demo. Thanks for letting me know.

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