Still That Secondary Triad

November 8, 2023
A quick sketch of a cute dog photo reference I found on the Sktchy Museum app. In February I wasn’t getting out and about because of some lung trouble. If you’re stuck at home that’s a great app for finding photo references of dogs.

Sometimes I make myself laugh, catch myself by surprise.

I look at this and see I kept working with that Secondary Colors triad. In this sketch from February there’s still the green, the orange, and the purple (which was a mix of quin pink and phthalo blue), with a little bit of that pink on its own. (The green gold is in the eyes and a lot of the mixes.)

I have to say that I’m actually very comfortable with that small group of colors now. Sometimes I have to really push myself to pick up my previous favorites.

But it is great to have options. And I love it when the options become so familiar that you can reach for them quickly and easily.

On one level my journal is just the history of my life in color choices. 

It makes me wonder what will be next, at the same time I realize the “the next” has already started and we just might not be alert to it yet.

Journaling—building what’s next today. 

(I’ve really had this in my brain for the last several posts. And what does that tell us? That’s the cliffhanger effect of journaling, but without the anxiety and delay of theater and serializations in print or on TV.)

Paint something today. Take a break from your norm in color or approach. What you do today may become a future norm, or it may just be a fun painting session. Win-Win.

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