Some of the Topics You’ll find on RozInterim/Patreon

November 15, 2023

The side-bar banners listing what was going on each month on my Patreon/RozInterim site were taking over the side column of my blog, pushing other functions way out of reach.

I decided to put the banners into a gallery that you can click through to understand the types of topics discussed on my Patreon/RozInterim subscription blog.

I started that blog in 2019 in December, but I didn’t have a banner system set up yet, so not all months have a banner in the following gallery.

Click on any image in the gallery and it opens up into full-views of each image at a very clear size.

I hope as you look through the gallery you’ll be intrigued by all the material covered and come and subscribe.

When you subscribe at the Tier 2 or Tier 3 level you get access to all posts at the level you subscribe at. The main difference between the levels is that Tier 3 gets additional creativity posts, often additional video demos, and always a live webinar each month with me. All for only US$11.00 per month. A great deal for detailed information on art materials and media techniques.

Your access to all the materials at your tier lasts for as long as you subscribe.

I hope you’ll consider subscribing to Patreon/RozInterim. There’s so much material there I know you’ll be able to start working more creatively and effectively as soon as you dive in. Check it out.

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