Making Pamphlet Books

November 14, 2023

This weekend I posted my six-part video class on making pamphlet books.

This was originally a free class I had available for several years on my Ruzuku teaching platform—when that was active.

I’m going into the new year with some suggested projects for my Patreon subscribers and I realized while making examples to discuss and show in Patreon/RozInterim, that the projects would work well in pamphlets.

This weekend I discovered the original videos while continuing the rebuilding of my digital database. A wonderful moment of synchronicity.

While I know all of you who read RozWoundUp don’t subscribe to Patreon, the pamphlet class was originally free, and it’s so useful (even though I say so myself) that I have posted it publicly on my YouTube Channel. Follow that link to my playlist and look for Bookbinding_Pamphlet_Book_Class. (At the time of this post date it’s the first playlist in the queue.) There is a note at the bottom of the icon for that playlist that says “6 videos.” That’s the one.

It’s best if you watch the videos in order as I am methodical. And because it was a free class I wanted to be as thorough as possible so I didn’t have a lot of questions from viewers who weren’t in my other classes taking time away from actual students.

If you watch them in order you will learn about materials, tools, and approaches. You’ll learn about finding paper grain direction, and how to tear paper. I’ll walk you through collating paper surfaces, stitching, and I even include a bonus video with an additional structure—you’ll need to watch the other videos to understand the steps in that video.

To accompany the video lessons I have a PDF Class Handout that you can view, download, and print here.

The videos all together last about an hour. So in no time you’ll be folding and tearing paper, cutting covers and sewing books you can take with you on sketching jaunts, or use for testing new papers while you’re at home with all your media. And of course, if you’re one of my Patreon subscribers you’ll be able to make pamphlet books with quality paper to work on for the projects and exercises coming up in December 2023 and January 2024 and beyond.  

(Please note, as you go through the PDF most of the links to my blog posts on RozWoundUp will work, however if the concepts the linked posts contained were covered more carefully in the class videos I didn’t update the links because of the archiving issue. Also if the links in the PDF take you to RWU blog posts with internal links of their own, mostly likely those links will point you to archived and unavailable material. I realize this may be frustrating to you. (Imagine my frustration in 2017 when all this mess first started!) However, I’ve checked and everything you need to support your happy and successful completion of the pamphlet books is in the videos. The diagrams in the PDF and the working links provide enough augmentation that you’ll understand how much I love binding and want you to love and enjoy it too.)

Patreon Curious? I love it.

Just note—when you follow that provided link to my Patreon site the first thing you see is a “Join for Free” button. That’s Patreon’s doing. They’ve changed their “language” for following someone for free.

What it means is you can follow me on Patreon and see any of my public posts on Patreon for free.

Heads up—I don’t have a lot of public stuff on Patreon. In over 3 years of posting I think there are about 6 public posts there. Additionally I promised subscribers I would not repost anything from Patreon to RWU for at least 6 months. In reality it has worked out to only about 6 Patreon posts ever going public elsewhere. There are tons of demos and creativity posts that only Patreon subscribers at a tier 2 or tier 3 level gain access to. That access lasts for the duration of your Patreon/RozInterim subscription.

    • Michele
    • November 14, 2023

    Roz, I still make books from taking your simple round spine book and sewn on the spine book classes on Ruzuku (should be Rozuku) some years ago. I still have your instructions and refer to them. I have been taking random binding classes from MCBA and other places but always mentally thank you for teaching me the fun and work of book binding. Now I guess I’m thanking you publicly. I have a stack of books and give away some and also hear your voice in my head saying, “Use your books!” You are THE MOST EXCELLENT teacher!

    1. Reply

      Michele, thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so glad you are still binding and using your own books. That makes me so very happy. Keep going!

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