What’s on Patreon October 2023?

October 9, 2023

This month I’m looking at simplification—of color choice, color washes and layering, and of course ink lines.

Everything in drawing is basically about making choices and simplifying things, but it’s the really fun mental game of it, so I think it’s always good to talk about it, demystify it, and help you enjoy your drawing practice even more.

As explained before, when you join my Patreon site you get access to all previous posts at the tier-level you subscribe at.

Since I’ve been creating videos and posts for my Patreon site since December 2019 that is hours and hours of instruction and inspirational posts that you can dive right into. It includes instruction on working with a variety of media and approaches, discussions of creativity, explanations on healthy ways to build projects that succeed, and of course color chats (because you know I love to talk and write about color theory).

I encourage you to subscribe here.

Access lasts as long long as you subscriber.

Tier Three comes with the addition of a monthly webinar, and some bonus posts not open to the other tier.

All material on Patreon is created just for that site with a promise not to place it else where for 6 months—but in the 3 plus years I’ve been doing Patreon I think I’ve only posted two of those items on my public site. So Patreon is full of newly generated material not seen elsewhere. Which I think is pretty fun for the subscribers.

And best of all, if you have questions all you have to do is drop me a note (or ask me in person in the webinars if you’re a tier 3 subscriber) and I get back to you ASAP, usually within 18 hours. (Of course people ask me questions on this blog and I answer, because I am about teaching people to draw, but Patreon subscribers get priority even more detailed answers. (Yes even more detailed answers are possible.)

I hope I’ll see you there.

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