On Patreon August 2023—Filberts

August 17, 2023

This month on Patreon-RozInterim I’ve been discussing and demonstrating the use of Filberts.

Filberts are my favorite brush type for watercolor, gouache, or acrylic paint.

I like them for a host of reasons but two stick out:

  1. They give me push back with the paint and I love that.
  2. They keep me from getting as fussy as I’ll get when left to my own devises with a round tipped brush!

If you would like to hear more about filberts, including some different brands of interest, and watch me wield one, sign up for my Patreon/RozInterim blog today.

There are already over three years of demonstrations and creativity posts on my Patreon site. If you join at the tier 3 level you also get access to a live monthly webinar (which is taped if you can’t attend in person because of scheduling conflicts) and access to the private Facebook group where you can post work and discuss with other subscribers. Access lasts the duration of your subscription. 

I hope to see you there.

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