Blick’s White Sulphite Drawing Paper

June 19, 2023
Here’s the pigmented Pentel Brush Pen sketch I made of a French Bulldog in the video I’m posting today. He was wearing a collar and bow tie.

The other day a friend stopped over with some of Blick’s White Sulphite Drawing Paper. She was going to do some gel printing on it, but she thought I might enjoy testing it.

I did.

I videotaped my first drawing session using this paper. You can hear my opinions about the paper and learn other specifications of the paper in the video. (I do a brush pen sketch and then a brush pen sketch with watersoluble ink wash.)

Something occurred to me after making the video—the paper worked with the brush pen not unlike the brush pen worked with Wave Paper.

I don’t even know if Wave Paper is still made. I know I have at least a half pad squirreled away in one of the moving boxes. I seem to remember Wet Paint didn’t carry it any more.

Anyway, Wave Paper was/is a drawing paper available on pads. The type of drag I got using the Pentel Brush Pen on that paper is similar to the drag when using the Blick Sulphite. I like a little bit of drag—just the right amount. And it seems this Blick Sulphite has just the right amount of drag. It’s not a lot, it’s just right.

I’ll definitely be buying more of this paper when I run through the paper my friend dropped off.

The paper comes in a number of sizes as you’ll see if you look it up on Blick’s website. I’ve even thought it would be fun to make journals out of it. Sure the paper buckles when wet media is used on it, but I keep journals in lots of non-wet-media paper books and I’m fine with that.

We’ll see. In the meantime I’m going to be drawing with the brush pen on the loose sheets I was given. And if I can ever get unpacked and find my gel plate I think I’ll try printing on it too.

If the embedded video doesn’t play for some reason you can watch the video on Vimeo here.



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