In Context: Bedtime Rituals

March 8, 2023
Brush pen and watercolor in a Hahnemühle Travel Journal which contains drawing paper.

Sometimes, before I go to bed I like to sketch a dog.

I miss having the girls around to sketch whenever I want to sketch.

And I miss the fun it is to sketch a dog. So I find people on Sktchy who post photos of their dogs. And I sketch them before I go to bed. And I am reminded of what sweet energy dogs bring into our lives.

And I’m also reminded that it’s nice not to need to go out for the final walk of the day in subzero temperatures! Everything is a tradeoff. 

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    gorgeous!! such a sweet little doggo face. I simply love your line work Roz, always brings me great satisfaction. I still love drawing dawgs and enjoy it when I get someone wanting their doggie mate drawn. But lately it’s been a friendly native waterdragon (and the ever present magpies)

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      I love thinking about the magpies visiting you in your studio! Too fun. Thanks for stopping by.

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    That’s such a nice, loose, sweet dog.

    I’ve arranged with an animal shelter to sketch from the Instagram posts they make of dogs available for adoption. Then I send them the 5×7 sketches. I have fun and they use them for fund raising or give them to the adopters or fosterers.

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      Sounds like a great project!

      • Taylor Demarest
      • May 7, 2023

      What a photogenic pooch; well captured affability. Can you tell me where you found that dog’s portrait? Thank you

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        Taylor, thanks for stopping by. As stated in the post I found the “muse” for this sketch on the Sktchy app, which is now called the “Museum App by Sktchy.” Have fun exploring the muses you find there.

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