Why I Do What I Do: Even More on Watching TV…

February 10, 2023


Sometimes I watch TV because people forget to comb their hair…

Or I need a really small portrait (this is about 3 inches tall) to fit a small frame, because everything else in my life is chaotic, but I can at least work on a(-nother) gallery wall.

(Brush pen on a scrap of printmaking paper.)

Below is a closer look at the scribbling. It’s really fun to see what you can do with only a couple of lines to show value and shape, and features and…

I need to find some more of this paper and make some more tiny drawings. I have a lot of little frames, so useful to fill those “gaps” in the gallery wall.

I’m letting my Victorian aesthetic rise to the top.

    • Paul
    • February 10, 2023

    What a wonderfully expressive little sketch! Surely you must be running out of wall space? Then again, with such tiny portraits there is always room for one more!!! 🤔😁.

  1. Reply

    Well, it is rather contrarian to suggest to your partner that in the process of downsizing you now have to upsize to get more wall space for artwork—but I have to say I still have some space, and some nifty frames can be found in thrift stores. (I have a post coming up about all this, but obviously it’s going to delayed until downsizing is finished.) I just love this guy and he works perfectly in the arrangement on the wall he lives. And to add to some joy (which you know I’m trying to focus on) I made my first decorative pillow today with an invisible zipper!!! (I’d made two before about 4 years ago that didn’t have zippers and could just be tossed into the washer.)

    Too much fun.

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