Three Views of Actor Michael Sheen

January 9, 2023

Actors can be mercurial, artists can change the way they want to see things just as quickly. In the span of an evening last February I tried out three ways to look at actor Michael Sheen on paper. (When I drew these sketches I was watching an episode of “Prodigal Son,” which I enjoyed and was sad to see canceled.) 

Sheen plays a surgeon who is brilliant, but also a serial killer. And his son Malcolm Bright, played by Tom Payne (yes, Jesus/Paul from “The Walking Dead”) is a consultant for a local police department. Malcolm has a rather “fraught” relationship with his father. Lou Diamond Phillips plays the police captain that Malcolm works for. (LDP does a fantastic job in this role.)

I started with brush pen and ink wash. I did a brush pen sketch to explore a different angle. (He has an interesting nose.)

And then I ended up drawing a sketch where I went so fussy with my lines that I went way past any nod to likeness and just let myself enjoy the fussiness of building line after line after line. (See the final post image.)

I think it’s healthy do to this. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

This week why don’t you spend an evening sketching something 3 different ways? Don’t bother to watch TV. Get out your favorite still-life subjects (for me that means my Dinosaurs, but flowers, vegetables, office supplies—you can use anything that appeals to you).

It’s more fun if you do a still live set up because you can move your position all around to get a different view. Use two types of pen and then do a sketch with a color pencil. Do one of your sketches as pen (or color pencil) and watercolor. Mix it up anyway you want. 

Happy Sketching!


    • Paul
    • January 9, 2023

    I think you have captured a resemblance in the last sketch. I do LOVE ALL those lines and the lion’s mane of hair that completely surrounds his face!!!👍👍.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Paul. Yes he has a ton of hair which I loved sketching. Too much fun. Glad you enjoyed this.

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