Stylizing Stuart…

December 14, 2022
Pentel Brush Pen on the drawing paper in the Hahnemühle D & S sketchbook. (about 9 x 11 inches)

Stuart Goss is a “muse” on the Museum App by Sktchy. He’s one of the models that I have drawn a lot of sketches of simply because he always does something fun with his beard and his hair. And that means that I get to play around stylizing—simplifying, exaggerating.

I’m thankful for models from all over who are so gracious with their time to give us something to sketch, whether it’s live or photographic.

I think the best way to learn to stylize a portrait is to sketch realistic portraits one after the other until you get a sense of all faces. By the time you finish that you’ll understand the proportions and the likeness issues (i.e., key features of the model’s features). That’s the perfect jumping off place for a more stylized portrait.

Picking up a tool like the Pentel Brush Pen, also helps me stylize, because I can’t stop and fuss with small details as easily.

Think about stylizing someone or something in your sketches this week. How important is likeness to you, not just in people portraits, but in your still-life sets and landscapes etc.? What tools give you the freedom to stylize? 

Have fun with your experiments.

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