A Knit Cap in Watercolor

December 22, 2022

Today’s image is not part of my “Hat” series, but this knit cap is just one of the many hats I find myself drawing all the time. (The journal is in storage but I believe this is from a reference photo Jon Coxwell put on the Museum App by Sktchy.)

I was working on a lined journal from a book store. The paper was slightly slick and the fun bit for me about this drawing is if you look closely you can see the pen and the brush both slip along on the surface of the paper!

I was working with leftover paints, but yes I tend to see some blondish-hair as having a green tinge. Maybe it’s all those years of spending time with a life-long swimmer who was blond (when the sun bleached his hair) and who does nothing to counter act the effects of chlorine on his hair?  (Of course now his hair is more gray, but it was ginger!)

Playing with fabric textures is always fun. I left in the patterns made by the paper towel I was holding!

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