What’s on Patreon/RozInterim in October 2022?

October 1, 2022


You’ve seen this sketch in full before—I have used it as one of my Wizards. But I saved the video to discuss on my Patreon blog for October 2022.

You’ve read here on RozWoundUp what I think about working with intention; how I love to experiment; how I think it’s crucial to play and experiment. 

What I’ve also pointed out here in numerous posts is that all of those approaches help you fix and save things you’re working on. It’s all part of moving your work forward in a direction you want to grow.

But I think so much more can be clearer to you if you watch me work, and rework something. So in October I’ll be breaking down what I think is an essential part of one’s drawing practice. I’ll be encouraging you to reframe how you think about your art work so that you too will experience the play aspect of pushing forward.

The way I work on this portrait is applicable to any subject matter you choose to work with. And during the month I’ll be showing other subjects as well.

We’ll also look at some sketches of mine that are truly awful, and I’ll tell you why I love them. 

I hope you’ll join me in October on Patreon to fall in love with your own art, and find strategies for pushing forward!

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