On Patreon/RozInterim in September 2022—Brush Pen

September 4, 2022
Drawing from imagination while talking to my Patreon subscribers about using the brush pen. (Smooth surfaced cardstock, 8.5 x 11 inches.)

The discussion on Patreon, and my demos, for the past couple of months, has been about defining what is a loose drawing to you, and how to work loosely to achieve that vision.

I guess there’s always more to discuss about working loosely when you love working with brush pen. So this month on Patreon I’ve been talking about how to use a brush pen, set up a project to learn how to control the brush pen, and of course, encouraging everyone to continue to define “what is working loosely” to them.

If you’re interested in this discussion you can subscribe to Patreon/RozInterim at this link.


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