I’m Learning More about Neill Rea’s Face

August 10, 2022

Season 8 of “Brokenwood Mysteries” started streaming in July on Acorn.

I’ve been watching along as they release the new episodes; and of course sketching.

I think I’m finally starting to get a little better feel for Neill Rea’s face. (His cheeks need to be a little plumper to catch his character’s kind but “I’m eager to escape this conversation” expression his face often holds when he is in fact trying to escape a witness going on about some unrelated craziness.)

Anyway, if you haven’t been watching this series I suggest you check it out. There is a wonderful cast of characters and a whole lot of quirkiness happening in Brokenwood.

Sketch: Tombow Fudenosuke Brush/Hard and Daniel Smith Watercolors on a 4 x 9 inch sheet of Sennelier Cold Press Watercolor Paper. (It’s from a 30-year-old watercolor block that I found at the back of a drawer when I emptied my flat file for storage and downsizing. Yes, it’s a dream to paint on. But I have no idea how they are making the paper they sell these days, so don’t run out and buy any—unless you go in on a block with your friends to split the cost.)

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