Sometimes Even A Fun-to-Draw Beard Isn’t Sufficient Inducement to Watch a TV Show

July 13, 2022
Brush pen and watercolor on the drawing paper pages of a Hahnemühle Travel Journal.

I watch a lot of TV. This has always been true. And I often sketch while watching TV.

The other day, before I canceled Comcast Cable TV (because for over 6 months they had been sending technicians to fix a pixelation and no-picture random-reboot situation) I caught a brief few moments of “Mud, Sweat, and Beards,” on the USA network.

Yes, that’s the actual title. “Beards” was in the title.

How could I not watch!?

Well, very quickly it was evident that there was a lot of “preening” and a lot of “drama.” While beards were present I found that I could not watch this show.

There are so many shows out there right now, and at least several of them have actors or participants (if it is a reality show) with beards. Great beards that you can draw while dialog or action takes place that is entertaining. Keep looking for those shows. Skip this one. 

    • Paul
    • July 13, 2022

    I do like the warm, almost monochromatic, treatment here👍👍.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Paul, these were all leftover mixes on the palette (of my warms and cools) so they hall have a lovely neutralized edge to them that I really like and I think that pushes the vibe you were getting. (And it helped me deal with a beard that had a lot of white/grey in it.

      Meanwhile the search continues for shows with beards that are much more entertaining!

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