Real-life Characters: Casketeers

June 15, 2022


Last year when I had bronchitis for 5 months I discovered “Casketeers” on Netflix.

If you like quirky people and enjoy learning how other people go through their days in different professions, and if you have ever desired to move to New Zealand, this show is something to check out.

This reality show follows the work lives of a Maori couple, Francis and Kaiora Tipene, who run a funeral parlor for Polynesians. We met their staff and the bereaved families. 

Sometimes you’ll just laugh aloud at the obsessiveness of the owner Francis, but most of the time I think you’ll see what a big heart he has in trying to get people through a difficult time when they lose loved ones.  

When Dick first walked into the room he thought it might be something like “Forgotten Silver” a Peter Jackson directed mockumentary that tells the story of a forgotten filmmaker and has some interesting aviation “history.” (If you haven’t seen “Forgotten Silver” seek it out too. I don’t recall where we viewed it, maybe even a theatre but the link will take you to Vimeo. You need to know that Dick and I are both complete Wright Brothers fans.)

“Casketeers” is often whimsical, sometimes crazy, but always uplifting. It’s good to be invited into this business and these lives.

And if you happen to be homebound and coughing your lungs out, you’ll find more than enough great faces to sketch.

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