Not a Landscape Painter

June 20, 2022


I’m not a landscape painter, but something about the new season hosta and the fresh wood chips pulled me to sketch a little plant life. 

One of my friends had told me that she envied me my hosta. (Deer eat hers.) I have to say it really does look very healthy.

    • Tyanne Agle
    • June 20, 2022

    The only thing healthy in my yard are the weeds and not even pretty ones although I may be sketching them soon. I like to see how you approached this little scene and handled the colors. fresh and lovely and so different than my detail oriented approach.

    1. Reply

      I look forward to seeing some weed sketches!! I’m glad you enjoyed this sketch. I see it as almost a diagram. I was standing the whole lawn or so away from this flower bed (as I refuse to stand in the sun and sketch) so I wasn’t able to see detail from that distance. (Something I’m glad about, as in this instance what caught my eye was the overall view of the bed, and the gratitude that the plants were healthy.)

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