Working with a Secondary Triad: Another Wizard

March 23, 2022

Yes another wizard portrait. 

I have been sketching a lot lately with the same green, orange, and mixed purple triad. This is one of the recent sketches.

I’ve been focusing on the point to my Patreon/RozInterim subscribers that painting is more fun if you mix colors from a harmonious few.

If you would like to see more sketches with this palette yielding different results I hope you’ll join me over at Patreon for the discussion.

Next month—April 2022—on Patreon I’m going to be sketching dog portraits.

Here’s a little close up of the face. I’m not a fan of the Arteza watercolor journals. They are about 9 x 11 inches so a nice page size—but the watercolor paper is poor grade student watercolor paper. Still I had them around and I just go carried away in it!

The main demo is of course going to be a dog but I’d already painted that sketch before I started using this triad, so I just had to go and paint another dog demo for a creativity post, using this same triad. You can see that in April on Patreon as well. 

And of course when you join my Patreon site you can see all the past posts at your tier level. It’s a lot of real-time videos, color chats, and posts about painting and sketching.

I’m sure I’ll keep using that triad for a long time, even yesterday I put out some more green paint!

And then I’ve been finding digital scans from 2019 and earlier where I’m using some variation of this triad. When you find something to delve into you just have to go for it.

Right now why not pick out a triad from your palette and mix it up? Get something painted today.

If you’re finding the reversed out handwritten text is difficult to read here it is typed:

Great Wizards—of the Third Transition

Elgar the sneering and easily startled

If you want to see the portrait before the text was added you can click on this thumbnail.

A figure of great controversy Elgar was reclusive by nature and spent 275 years working only with potentates and diplomats by proxy. Then he met Susie, a traveling marine biologist and relocated to a sea-side cottage with walls made of cockle shells.

For a short while he became known as approachable. He was willing to grant any reasonable request. He was also an avid hand-pie baker who loved to bend your ear debating crust recipes.

He alone was responsible for the Third Transition. Blinded by bliss he was tricked by an agent of Nargo into disclosing the location of the Sword of Sheldon. We all know how that played out.

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