Sketch People From All Angles

March 16, 2022
Brush pen sketches in a Hahnemühle Travel Journal. (Drawing paper.) It’s about 8 x 5 inches.


It’s important to sketch people from all angles. Actually to sketch the SAME person from all angles.

If you can’t get out and about ask your housemates (significant other, children, Aged P, guests, etc.) to let you sketch them while they read a book or watch TV.

No one around? Not even a dog, cat, budgie? Well if you don’t have people or animals to sketch as I didn’t last year during the Pandemic, I found I could watch talk shows where they keep coming back to someone at a different angle.

You can make it work.

Don’t forget, you can even just set up a simple still life arrangement of flowers, vegetables, or objects on a table and walk around it sketching from different vantage points.

Again, it’s about making it work—and by that I mean, making sure you get your daily practice in.

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