Television: Frank of Ireland

February 25, 2022


There are some televisions shows I can’t really tell you about—you just need to experience them.

To tell you specifics of “Frank of Ireland” (available on Amazon Prime) would be to spoil all the little and large discoveries you’ll make along the crazy, hilarious way.

Frank is a 32-year-old would-be musician who lives at home with his mom in a Dublin suburb.

To say he has never grown up would be a monumental understatement.

He’s self absorbed. Often an ass. And funny.

Brian Gleeson plays Frank. His brother Domhnall Gleeson plays Frank’s best friend—and all I will say is that their actual father, world-treasure, actor Brendan Gleeson is also in the series. (The brothers wrote the series with Michael Moloney.)

Pay attention; every moment counts. And pays off. 

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