Evidently I Can Nap and Sketch at the Same Time

February 16, 2022

More Victorian dramas…I just love the hair. (Dried out brush pen in the Hahnemühle Travel Book.)

I still laugh every time I see this sketch. (I was sorting digital images the other day and found it.)

See that circle in his cheek on the left?

I actually fell asleep sketching that. (And really overworked it by the way!)

And woke up with a start, only to find I had been and still was sketching.

(I actually can’t nap at all. I have never been able to nap. If I try I end up sleeping too long and waking up confused and rather out of sorts. It has always been this way. Perhaps it comes of needing to stay alert as a child so I didn’t get left behind when traveling? Or I’m just too eager to not miss anything interesting. And basically everything is interesting to me.)

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