Finding Clues in Your Journal…

December 8, 2021
Handmade journal (8.5 x 10 inches approx.) with defunct drawing paper. Collage, brush pen, gel plate printing.

Journals can tell us all sorts of things. They can tell us how whiny we are; how quick to forgive; how obsessed we are with one thing and not another; how focused and dedicated we are to our interests; and of course clues about our health.

I was catching up on scanning the other day. (I’m disinclined to scan things when the digital storage issue and the downsizing storage issues aren’t resolved, but I also like to not get too far behind!)

Scanning gives me time to revisit a page. 

On this page, written on May 13, 2021 I write about a webinar I gave that day in which I started to lose my voice. Two weeks later I was fighting off one of the worst bouts of bronchitis in my life.

I looked in my exercise log. There are clues there two which support this understanding—notes about my energy level and distances and cycling times. It all paints a pretty clear picture.

Sometimes we just need to look back and see the clues. 

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