What’s on Patreon-RozInterim November 2021

November 1, 2021
Pen and watercolor sketch with collaged gelli plate printed papers.

This month on my Patreon site I’m going to be talking and writing about understanding your creative process and changing the dialog you have about your art.

I began that discussion today with a video showing the sketching, painting, and collaging of this page spread from one of my journals earlier this year.

This is a drawing paper I bound into an 8 x 10 inch or so journal. Since it’s not a wet media paper I think it’s fun to look closely at how the paper takes the watercolor. The video includes discussion of the materials used. I wanted to add a link here to my post about waterproof/water-resistant inks.

I brought the link up in the video. So many people don’t understand about the properties of ink and I think this will help them be less frustrated. I’ll also be writing later in the month on my Patreon-RozInterim blog about some confusion over various qualities of art materials and how they are labeled. Why does it matter? It helps us pick materials to match our expectations, and conversely not be frustrated when things don’t work for certain purposes.

If these and other such discussions interest you I hope you’ll go and check out my Patreon blog.

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