Commit to a Line or Correction

August 30, 2021
Pentel Brush pen sketch with ink and watercolor wash in a large (8.75 x 11 inch or so) Nostalgie sketchbook from Hahnemühle. (Actor Dominic Purcell

A couple days ago I wrote about accepting wonky lines. Here’s a sketch I haven’t posted, but just came across in organizing my files.

Sometimes I have so much fun with the ears I don’t reach quite high enough for the head—but I commit to the correction and just start adding the hair, or in this case stubble.

    • Sharon+Nolfi
    • August 30, 2021

    Do you mean that you commit to the original line, or that the sketch reflects a correction you made?

    1. Reply

      Sharon, I can see where this would be confusing. I mean both, both what I said in a previous post (referenced here) that you can commit to wonkiness, and also if you do put in a corrective line, (like the head contour here), commit to that and don’t worry about the extra line below, just keep adding in your details. Too many times I see people try to get rid of their wonky lines and really mess something up that can be quite charming with the wonkiness.

      I hope this helps clear your confusion.

      I probably shouldn’t write blog posts when I’m ill!

        • Sharon+Nolfi
        • September 2, 2021

        Thanks, Roz. All your posts are interesting, and I learn something from most of them.

        1. Reply

          Thanks so much Sharon. I appreciate knowing this.

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