A Little Bit of Collage Can Be Your Friend

June 16, 2021
Brush pen and watercolor portrait while watching TV. The background is orange Montana Marker and it proved too much for the paper. A little bit of collage paper “repaired” the issue.

You know how I like to paint on drawing paper? Sometimes the paper complains. That happened when I put in the Montana Marker background on this page spread.

The marker ink/paint saturated and roughed up the paper at the top of the page.

I didn’t want the paper to be weak there because it would be where you would reach when turning pages. 

I reached for a collage scrap that was nearby (isn’t there always one nearby?) and hand tore it to go around the head and support the weak spots.

(I let the marker background dry first of course.)

I think it’s a little bit of serendipity that the scrap went so well with the page.

Let collage help you out of a scrape.

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