There’s Something Marvelous About Brush Pen on Bright White Paper

May 12, 2021


When you need a break I think you can always squeeze in one or two quick brush pen sketches.

I think the crispness of a brush pen line, even when it drags to dry-brush lines, is cheering against the white of the paper. The lines say, “This is the boundary, this is the texture.” Very comforting.

I suppose this is why some people drink coffee. To be energized I simply need to pick up a brush pen and make some strokes. Sometimes the more wonky those strokes the better. It isn’t so much what you get down, but the feel of the brush pen on the paper. And of course any time you get to draw stubble with a brush pen, well that’s just a bonus.

I hope you make time for your brush pen today.

(Pentel Brush pen on Fabriano Mixed Media Paper.)

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