What’s Going on at RozWoundUp?

March 21, 2021
Brush pen in an almost 9 x 11 inch Hahnemühle Nostalgie sketchbook. (The book is already in storage and I can’t refresh my memory by measuring the physical object.)


I have been dealing with a frustrating tech issue for the past three weeks.

Posts here on RozWoundUp are going to be short “image and very little text” with intermittent posting, until I get this resolved.

My Patreon site will go on pretty much as normal.

The equipment I ordered to resolve this issue isn’t currently available.

I’m making sketches for #MarchisSketchAlunArmstrongMonth) and new videos, but for now I can’t scan images or edit videos so all that stuff I’ve been doing will have to come along later.

At times like this I’m reminded of how important my work flow is to me, and why I haven’t taken a vacation since 1987.  

But I know I’m not the only one facing this type of frustration. So I’m looking for new ways to keep my momentum going. New tasks and projects which are analog-based in any part, not digital. It’s a good turnaround.

Once I’m able to begin editing video again you’ll get to see what I think is a fun video of me sharpening a pencil (no blood was spilled!), something I promised students years ago, but never got around to taping. And some other general interest videos. You can of course find some live streams on my Facebook feed (in the media-videos section of my feed), including some book chats—but I started focusing more on packing and distributing books than chatting about them in the last few months…downsizing and reorganizing my library has proved difficult.

Check in now and then, or check back in the future…I’ve got over 378 topics I wanted to write in depth to you about, and new ones joining the list every day—one day I’ll get back to them.

In the meantime I hope you’re safe, well, and eligible for a vaccination soon. (I’m not yet, but I’m OK with that. I won’t hesitate when my name comes up. I am glad to see essential workers getting theirs. I hope as a society we can expand what we consider essential workers so that people out and about everyday for a variety of jobs which help so many of us can have more protection.)

Take a moment to find ways that you can salvage your momentum, in all the areas of your life, even if those ways seem minute, or even frivolous. That action will help you with “the rest.”

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