Another Alun Armstrong Sketch

March 12, 2021

Here’s another brush pen and ink sketch of Alun Armstrong.  

A wonderful set of dundrearies. Are they talked about as a set ? What is the related hairstyling vocabulary?

Well, something to ponder, along with that wonderful hairdo.


    • Eleanor
    • March 12, 2021

    Love these sketches! Love all your sketches!

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    Roz, do you have a rough estimate of how many portrait sketches you have done in your lifetime? What is your average number of head studies per week? They are all so colorful and characterful!

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      Richard it’s an interesting question. I have just under 2,000 journals that I’ve kept and filled with sketches of everything; hundreds of sketchbooks that I’ve kept also through life, and which in the 80s began including life-drawing sessions where I normally draw faces instead of whole poses. And many loose sheet journals (usually one or two 9 x 12 x 3 inch boxes a year which hold about 250 sheets of thick paper) where things like watercolor and gouache portraits go, many of which are portraits. And then stand-alone paintings. And for clients I’ve done hundreds of faces (usually famous scientists) for print.

      Before cataract surgery I would sketch 4 to 8 hours a day and at least some of that would be faces. So I don’t know what the estimate would be, but it’s a bunch. I even like a lot of them!

      After cataract surgery I’ve tried to do at least one portrait (person, dog, bird) a day, and I know it won’t be possible to go back to high productivity, but I feel I get to keep my hand in at least a little.

      Let’s just say I’ve gone through a lot of paper.

      (I should point out that in the journals, a lot of the portraits are usually quick studies of people I see when I’m out and about and in the waiting room at the allergist, and stuff like that. So a lot of this is not what I would consider finished portraits, but always a chance to practice likeness.)

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