More Sketches of James Corden

January 8, 2021
A brush pen sketch from a large (8.75 x 10.5 inches or so?) Nostalgie sketchbook.

So last year as you saw I started sketching James Corden while viewing “Gavin & Stacey.” (See yesterday’s post.)

I decided, since I was having fun sketching him at lunch I’d stay up and watch his late night show. And of course sketch him.

It’s always fun to work on Nostalgie. The smooth surface of the paper just loves ink, even if your brush pen is drying out, as mine clearly was on this night. 

It was fun to look around Corden’s face and spot changes since the “Gavin & Stacey” days.

Compare the February 24th sketch of Corden as talk show host in the present time to this watercolor of him as a young doofus on “Gavin & Stacey.”

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