From Last Year, A Trip To Urgent Care

December 4, 2020

You may see the thumbnail for the art in this post and think either Dick or I are ill. We are fine!

This journal spread is from last year in November 2019. Dick had a weird infection in his elbow and so I went with him to Urgent Care.  

The phlebotomist wasn’t really tracking. I found this out because after Dick had disappeared for over an hour I asked if I could go back and sit with him. I found Dick still waiting for the blood draw. No one else was waiting; no one else had been waiting according to Dick. I scrubbed up and ended up doing all the prep of materials while the phlebotomist read a book of instructions in the corner. It might have been his first day, because he didn’t seem to understand how to stage his materials. He actually had me assist him in the swop out of the test tubes as well. I think Dick would have preferred if I had also drawn the blood.

We closed the place down. A very pleasant doctor who had a thoroughly capable demeanor about her, talked us through next steps and follow ups. Dick started taking some antibiotics that night I believe (that’s all on a different journal page). Then saw his doctor on that next Monday. Gradually the elbow swelling shrank and Dick was back to normal. (He swam through it all, but did admit that it was quite painful before treatment.)

I was shuffling through images I hadn’t posted on the blog the other day. I thought this one interesting, with the young man wearing a mask a year before COVID. (I think he had some respiratory issues, and back then all sensible people wore masks to protect other people when they were ill.)

This page spread was one of the few days I’d been out after cataract surgery and tried sketching anyone from life. I was quite taken with the kid’s hat. 

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