Drawing the Same Subject Over and Over

December 12, 2020

Just a series of quick posts today and next week—drawing the same subject over and over.

Don’t think that each sketch has to be great.

Just look closely when you’re drawing and get the visual information to go into your mind.

Have fun looking.

Savor it.

Today is a brush pen sketch from 2018. It’s of one of the muses over on the Sktchy App. I keep coming back to sketch him again and again. (Another sketch next time.)

I was working on an 11 x 14 inch sheet of WAVE paper. It’s absorbent so you have to keep the pen moving. It’s not for wet media, so I didn’t stop for washes.

But there is something amazingly fun about the slight drag of the Pentel Brush Pen on this paper.

Take five minutes and sketch someone today. 

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