The Importance of Space

October 12, 2020
Brush pen and watercolor in a handbound book (8.5 x 11 inches approx.) made with the OLD Gutenberg paper. A contestant on “Project Runway,” earlier this year.

Is the hair in this sketch exaggerated? 

It’s hard to say. This woman (a contestant on “Project Runway”) had mounds and mounds of curly hair. So much hair, in fact, often not tied back, that I wondered how she got any work done without it always getting in the way.

But remember that thought comes from the mind of someone who keeps her hair long and always in braided pigtails (or, when I’m exercising—in a “bundle” which is what I call a braided pony-tail).

Let’s just say there is stylization going on here. In some features I probably zigged when I should have zagged, stopped the pen a little after.

But one thing I always was conscious of as I worked—her hair was the feature. And the feature was comprised of two parts—the hair and the space it occupied, and the space it didn’t occupy.

Pay attention to the importance of space.

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