Suggesting Hair Mass with Line

October 30, 2020
Sketch from 2019 with a Sakura Pigma Professional Brush pen in a Hahnemühle Travel Journal.

You don’t always have to use ink or paint wash to show volume in hair.

I love working in the Hahnemühle Travel Journal. (See also the Hahnemühle Travel Book category.)

It contains paper suitable for drawing and for pen and ink. I’ve used it for that in this sketch.

Sometimes I also do washes on it as you will have seen on this blog. 

But other times line can carry and suggest volume in a gentler but also more dramatic way—because it is suggested and the viewer has to participate in the seeing.

It is after all fun to let all those lines we spent time building continue to show sometimes!

    • Jeanne
    • October 30, 2020

    Wow, this is one of my favorites of yours. I like the tightness of the body lines combined with the explosion of hair out the top of his head. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Reply

      Jeanne I’m so glad you liked this one. Thank you for letting me know. I need to remember to stop earlier with some of my sketches!

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