The Final Lectures Series: Which Question

September 30, 2020


Note: If you’re playing the home version game—today’s image on the blog’s landing page is a sketch of Dame Margaret Rutherford. It’s in the video.
This is part two in my farewell to teaching series of posts.

In today’s video (an excerpt from the mid-session webinar in my last Drawing Practice class), I address what I think is the essential question every artist needs to answer in order to progress and develop—What is my default scale?

If the video isn’t working you can see it at this link on Vimeo.

Default scale relates to that scale you work in most comfortably in, which will be impacted by your eyes/vision and other constraints I mention, including the tool you want to use.

Ideally, after a few years you may end up with a bunch of defaults, and maybe even styles of drawing. But to start with you need to spend time finding that original default so that you can work consistently on your visual vocabulary.

That’s what the video is about (with some digressions). 

Later this week I’ll post more examples about what I’m talking about. I hope you will give this some thought.

A lot of times I see students destroyed by their internal critic because something didn’t turn out in a sketch or painting the way they had hoped. Students often come to me after such an event has stopped them from drawing. 

I believe what I’m talking about in this video helps you insulate yourself from that kind of attack. At the very least it will make you aware of your visual vocabulary and choices. And when things get rough and you think you want to stop sketching, you’ll have a comfort level and a comfort tool, that you can retreat to, which can be your companion through any difficult time in your drawing practice: which might range from incessant chatter from your internal critic to a headache, COVID, or even a drastic change in vision health.

    • alison fooks
    • October 3, 2020

    A really interesting perspective Roz. I never realized that I certainly had a default/comfort level for size and medium. I will certainly be more observant of those choices. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this out there for us to learn from your experience. I don’t think for a minute you “will lose you brain”. There is far too much up there that still needs to come out. Take care

    1. Reply

      Glad you enjoyed this Alison. We’ll keep our fingers crossed about the brain.

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