Making Fun Lines

August 17, 2020
Sakura Pigma Professional Brush Pen FB in a Watercolor Handbook Journal.

Just a quick little post. I was waiting for an appointment. It’s a waiting room where I’ve already drawn all the walls, halls, furniture, and decor!

I looked up a bearded model on the iPhone Sktchy App and sat there in very low light, scribbling away.

Even thought the pen was going dry, it feels so good on the paper in the watercolor Handbook. And by the time I was called in for my appointment I’d done enough to suggest the hair.

Lots of fun lines.

I find that spending spare moments so engaged just brightens my day.  

Sure it would be great if there were something live to sketch all the time. But sometimes we are in situations where there is no traffic, no people moving in and out of an area. And I’ve spent enough time sketching my own boots and gear that it doesn’t always appeal to me as a solution.

Just keep drawing and make some fun lines. It leads to more lines, and more lines, and more lines.

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