Some Brush Pens with Color Ink

August 24, 2020

200824-pen review from Roz Stendahl on Vimeo.

In the above video I look at some brush pens, and discuss how they work for me. I hope this gives you an idea of whether or not these pens will be useful for you.

The items reviewed can be found at at the following links. (I am not connected to Jetpens in anyway, except as a customer. I purchased these pens for my review.

Navy ink Brush Pen 

Sepia ink Brush Pen

Akashiya Sai ThinLine Brush Pen Five Color Set

The East Hill Menso Water Brush—Extra Fine

As mentioned in the video I did end up sending the brush pens to a friend; one who said the odor probably wouldn’t bother her. She had no problem using either of the types of pen reviewed.  

I won’t be purchasing more of these pens as they both gave me a slight headache and the Akashiya Sai ThinLines made me cough.

The waterbrush, while having a very fine tip which can be useful, was not durable.

    • bebna
    • August 24, 2020

    I tried using the watertank brushes with drawing ink.

    They work, but depending on the size of the tank and the internals the flow can be too much. Also because they are so soft, it is very hard to get a fine line.

    They like to spurt into their caps when shaken, so nothing for everyday carry.

    The small pocket brush pens with the small white filter insert in the intake work the best.

    1. Reply

      Bebna, I think you misunderstood the content of my review. Yes, I did have a new brand of water brush included in the items I looked at, but I did not at any point try to put ink in it. I was merely using it as a waterbrush.

      I was reviewing brush pens which already contain color inks.

      As for adding color inks to waterbrushes, which seems to be what you’re writing in about: I use Niji Waterbrushes and routinely put ink or Dr. Ph Martin’s Hydrus Liquid Watercolor in their barrels and use them without difficulty or problems. The inks and the Hydrus WC line flow well through the Niji.

      Additionally I’ve put ACRYLIC ink in a Niji. BUT, because acrylic dries quickly and permanently I only fill the barrel about 1/2 full and when I know I’m going to use it right away. Then I immediately wash it out so the acrylic won’t dry in the brush pen. But even then the flow has been fine and no problem.

      So if you are looking for something to put paint or ink into you might try one of them—the Niji Waterbrush.

      I’m sorry there was confusion as to what the review is about.

    • Tina Koyama
    • August 24, 2020

    I got really excited when I saw the East Hill Menso extra fine water brush because I thought it would be useful for certain things I use a fine brush for. But when I got it, I compared with my usual finest Kuretake water brush, and it’s exactly the same. In fact, the “East Hill” line is just a rebranding of the same water brushes made by Kuretake! That was kind of annoying.

    1. Reply

      Tina, thanks for writing in about this. I don’t use any Kuretake water brushes so this was my first and it’s interesting to know it’s just them redefining the line. I can see where that would be annoying.

      I haven’t been too hard on the brush and I find it isn’t holding up to much use. So I know I won’t buy another one.

      Have you tried the Pentel and Niji fine, they both have a small size I never use, but am aware of. And I know that the bristles on both really hold up for me.

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