Registration Is Open For The Final Session Of “Textures: Backgrounds For Visual Journaling And Mixed Media”

August 13, 2020
Paint, Markers, Stenciling, Washi Tape, Rubber Stamping, and collate all form the basis for this brush pen and gouache journal page in a lined paper notebook.

Yesterday registration opened for my final online session of “Textures: Backgrounds for Visual Journaling and Mixed Media.”

If you’re new to my blog you might not know it but I enjoy pre-painting journal pages with a variety of media. I work ahead in my journals this way. Then when I turn to a pre-painted page I use that page to challenge myself to come up with a visual solution. It’s a lot of fun, and a great way to build layered, rich pages, with very little time.

In my online class “Textures: Backgrounds for Visual Journaling and Mixed Media” I take you through my favorite materials and approaches. I talk to you about finding time to create these pages and to keep your creative spark alive throughout the day.

I’ll break down the process so that you build an understanding of how to create repeatable results suitable to use with a variety of media both inside and outside of your journal.

Registration for this six-week class will close on September 11.

The first week of lessons will open on September 12 and we’ll be off and running, building background textures first by mixing and layering paint, and then exploring other methods of page decoration like collage, stamping, and gel printing. It will also be an opportunity to move past your internal critic and experience your journal or sketchbook as a laboratory of experimentation. You can go here to register now and read more about this class. 

As soon as you register introductory lessons explaining the classroom platform, goals, and the class supplies will open. Additionally posts on preparing for class will be available.

This will be the last offering of this class. I will be closing my online teaching platform on December 31, 2021. Students in this class will have 6 weeks of live class in which to ask me questions and work on the lessons, and then 14 months to continue to work on the lessons and review the in-class discussions. I am also available to answer questions during that time period, however my answers will be a little slower as I move on to other scheduled work following the six week class period.

I hope you’ll consider joining me for this class. Exploring mixed media in this way can lead to new understanding of familiar media; bring forth new skills using unfamiliar media; and spark inspiration and problem solving across the entire range of your image making. And of course it’s a great way to play with color and mark making to discover what speaks to you stylistically. 

Note: This is a class with weekly homework assignments. Each week’s homework builds on the previous week’s work. If you’re traveling during the six weeks of class it might not be a good fit for you. It is not a class in which you can “catch up” on the weekends.

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