In Context: On The Work Table

August 26, 2020
Page spread from an 8 1/2 x 11 inch handbound journal I made with the OLD Gutenberg paper from Hahnemühle. (Current Gutenberg is not the same.)

What’s on my work table?

Every so often I gather the stuff up and sort it. Some of it ends up in my journal.

For the past two years we’ve had problems with our ductless a.c. units. This has meant I’ve had to move everything in the studio to one corner of the room every time the service guy comes. It’s frustrating because it means tearing down my computer link ups so I can move it and all the related equipment. Then I have to have Dick help me move all the furniture. And of course at the end of the day everything has to be put back together.

In all that I simply want to get back to work. 

When I’m not able to get back to work (because repair people are in my workspace) I try to catch up on phone calls, sort paperwork in another room, and of course doodle.

I don’t do a lot of doodling. I like to draw from life—to see what I’m drawing while I draw it. But when I’m sitting in the bedroom perhaps perched on the corner of the bed because it’s the only room in which I can have privacy, I don’t have a lot of subjects to draw.

These bits and pieces (because my doodles are almost always on bits and pieces of paper I pick up as I retreat into another room) end up on the work table. They are waiting to be turned into something, be developed, or simply be tossed.

Sometimes I cut them up and put them with other things.

Sometimes I find that it’s most useful to collage them together on a journal page.

That’s what’s happening on the page spread shown today. 

Years from now I probably won’t remember that the saved lines of type were from a “found poetry” talk I gave on line to a journaling group. 

I’ll probably never discover what that grey pen was (as there were many pens lying about being tested in February).

I’ll remember though that trip to Just Truffles was just before our last social outing before the Covid-19 Shutdown.

And I will always love that little bird.

Maybe one day I’ll even meet Jed.

The great thing about journals is that every page spread is full of possibilities to record your life, your thoughts, or simply as a way you pass the time when stressed.

Cleaning up the work table now and then creates a snapshot of that life.

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