Virtual Fair Sketch-In Wrap Up 2020

August 29, 2020
I always enter at the swine barn. My warm up sketches are always pigs and goats in that barn. My first sketch was with a Sakura Pigma Professional Brush Pen FB on gray cardstock.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by, whether to check in, sketch, or simply ask some questions at today’s Virtual Minnesota State Fair Sketch In 2020

My next warm up sketch was a goat and I said a little bit about drawing parts and corrections right on the page! Make a mess.

We used “out” in the event hashtag (shown below) because I’d already set it up on Facebook.  You’ll be able to see some posts already there. You’ll also find the life stream post recording there.

If you are going to post your virtual Fair sketches please use this hash tag on social media:


If you weren’t able to attend you can read about my desire to do a live-stream virtual Fair-Sketch here.

My third sketch of the day was on an inexpensive watercolor paper from Bien Fang that has a pronounced cold press texture. I used a Sailor Fudenosuke fountain pen, and Platinum Carbon Black ink, with watercolor washes from my Schmincke Pan Palette.

Today during the live stream I started out with a little chat about what the Fair means to me, introduced my favorite tools/media, walked people through my normal “footsteps” at the Fair, and started sketching.

People were able to sketch from photos I had provided while I sketched and talked, or they could use their own Fair photos.

I really felt that I was going to the Fair with Sketching friends and I want to thank you all for making this possible for me.

Here’s a detail so you can see some of the layering better.

The Fair ends the summer for me and I needed a nice solid marker for that as well.

I have the slimmest Minnesota State Fair Sketchbook ever (just four entries) but I haven’t stopped smiling all evening. 

The only thing that could have made things even better is if I could have had a corn dog—the anchovy-shallot pasta turned out great, but it’s not quite the same thing.

I hope that by this time next year we can all meet up in person at the Fair.

What I Was Able To Sketch Today

My final sketch of the day—a piecemeal portrait uses 2 types of paper and washi tape, read about it in the post. It is mounted on a scrap of textured purple cardstock to give it a rectangular shape.

I did officially end the sketch in at 3 p.m., but I explained to everyone that I couldn’t leave the Fair without sketching a chicken. It’s not possible for me to do that (unless of course, like a few years ago when there was bird flu and no birds were at the Fair—that was a difficult Fair).

So I stayed behind, along with a few other sketchers, and we kept working.

My final piece ended up as a “piecemeal portrait” which means I added pieces of paper together in order to keep working.

Here is a detail from the left edge showing the patterned washi tape showing through the acrylic marker and watercolor paint.

(You can find other examples of this on the blog by using the blog’s search engine.)

I started with a piece of Canson Cold Press Watercolor Board, outgrew that and added a scrap piece of TAN (! it’s mostly covered) Rives BFK that I’d been scribbling on throughout the session, and washi tape to hold them together.

I sketched with the Sakura Pigma Professional Brush Pen FB, watercolor, a bit of white gouache in some of my colors near the end, and a Montana Acrylic Marker (for the background).

I’ve included all the pieces in this post so you can see them easily. They will enlarge if you click on them.

I include details from the rooster because so much was going on in it.

One participant asked if the tape pattern was still showing through the acrylic paint, so I included a detail of that. Yes, when I do this it does show through. I like that. But it recedes a bit.

Here is a bit of detail from the face. In the comb you can see some lifting I did with a scrubbing brush. At the beak I added a bit of Titanium White gouache in the yellow to bring it forward on the face. 

I didn’t resolve the wattle, but I’m OK with that. Look more, draw less, next time! I really love that feathering that covers the ear.

It was a great day. Thank you all again for making it so special.

Remember to protect your creativity and your rituals surrounding and supporting that creativity. Keep on sketching.

    • Tina Koyama
    • August 30, 2020

    Sorry I couldn’t join you today. Even sorrier that I couldn’t join you at the real fair today. Sorriest still that I couldn’t have a big plate of Australian battered potatoes and a roasted corn on the cob. But happy to see that you had some fair fun anyway! I bet you don’t miss all the poop on your shoes.

    1. Reply

      I’m so sorry you couldn’t travel to MN this year. I too would like a big plate of ABP and some roasted corn on the cob. I hope we can be at the Fair together sometime soon.

      Not only did I not miss the boot cleaning “ritual,” I didn’t miss not having to take a shower afterwards to get all the sawdust and straw off me! But I’d trade that in a moment for some live time with the animals and a fresh corn dog.

    • Kathy Wedl
    • August 30, 2020

    Roz, I had to leave after the first hour and would dearly love to watch you do the rooster. Your details are celestial. Is the video available?
    Thanks, Kathy Wedl

    1. Reply

      Thanks for coming for the first hour. Yes the whole thing is still on my Facebook page all you have to do is go there and click on the post and watch the taped version. You can scroll down to see it, or you can go to my page and under my name there is a list of things: Timeline, About, etc. The last item is “More.” Click on it, Click Videos, then at the top of vidoes it says, Videos of You, and “Your Videos.” Click on the latter and it will be the first one in that list (right now) It says 2020 Minnesota State Fair Virtual Sketch…It’s almost 4 hours long!!! Have fun.

    • Tyanne Agle
    • August 31, 2020

    I am sad that a prior commitment kept me from joining in but I have been enjoying seeing everyone’s sketches very much. Are you leaving the reference sketches up? I would have been sketching at the renaissance fair this past weekend on a normal year so maybe I will gather some old photos And do a virtual sketch out this week

    1. Reply

      Tyanne, It was late notice on my part—I didn’t know if the swelling in my face would go down enough to allow me to proceed so I didn’t post about it when I first thought of doing it.

      You can watch a VIDEO TAPE of the entire event on my facebook page. Check my response to Kathy W above on how to find it on my facebook page.

      There is a hashtag, mentioned in the post #VirtualMinnesotaStateFairSketchOut2020
      Use that to find any other postings of images that people participating have put up.

      As for the reference photos (I think that’s what you meant) they are now no longer up. They came down after the even. But YES!!! Please gather some photos and do a virtual sketch out this week.

      Keep on sketching.

    • Susan D
    • September 1, 2020

    Thank you for hosting the State Fair Sketch In! I really had fun and learned so much! I found I need more sketching before trying my hand at the actual in person fair, so this was fun without all the distractions. I overworked those sheep that I love, so went back to doing more gesture sketches. Then came back today to practice more, and the photos were taken down. Another lesson learned, the time at the fair is finite so I gotta seize the moment. Luckily I had some old ones of my own to pull out. I share that love of the fair on so many levels.

    1. Reply

      Susan, I’m so glad you joined in and had fun. Yes, the reference photos were taken down after the event. If you downloaded the PDF to your computer you’ll have them there. I hope you do pull out some of your own photos and keep drawing. And when possible get out in person and sketch live models at malls and in the parks, so you’ll be all set to go the next time we have a Fair!

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