How To Use Space on Your Page Spread

August 31, 2020
I’ve been sorting and organizing and found a bunch of sketches I haven’t put up yet. This is one, done with brush pen, ink wash, and a Montana marker on the non-art paper of a lined Japanese journal. I wanted to post it because this sketch is about having fun with lines. Check out the hair and the beard. You don’t think that was fun? Click on the image and look at the enlargement. See all those little curls of ink. All fun lines experimenting with texture. Pick up a brush pen and experiment with texture today.

This is a follow up of Wednesday’s post.

Here’s an example of my experimenting with brush pen and ink wash on a page in a Japanese Lined journal. 

I’d like to tell you this is cropped because there is text on the recto page that is private, but in reality it’s blank there, just more blue Montana marker.

When I finished this sketch I was tired and went to bed. 

In the normal course of events I might have journaled on that recto page the next day, or even days later.

But I didn’t. I feel that when I look through a past journal and come to spreads like this they make me think of possibilities. And that is sometimes more valuable than having everything spelled out, or to reach for something that isn’t really there. And so becomes inauthentic.

Remember I said there’s only one rule I follow about journaling? Well that’s true, but there is a guideline that you might find helpful when looking at my pages. Sketches of birds almost always (99.9 percent of the time) end up being self-portraits.

It’s that’ simple.

Leaving space to breathe, in a journal, just like in life, is healthy.

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