Canson Heritage Watercolor Paper—Remembering the Fun

August 19, 2020
Vampire with Hat, 9 x 12 inch sketch. Tombow Fude Brush Pen, with watercolor, lavender gouache, and pink acrylic marker; on Canson Heritage Watercolor paper.

I’ve been catching up on some scanning and filing lately. Last year was all about just getting work done, using every moment of eye-viability as I came to think of it, for work, and not any of the supporting tasks I’ve always done because I like being organized.

Well in catching up in the scanning for 2019 I found some pieces from 2018 that I never posted.

This is from a “Hat” series I did.

I don’t need much of an excuse to start a series on just about anything. An obvious long-running series of mine is men with beards. Other series include, dogs, birds I see in the yard or around town, zoo sketches, Dick’s eyebrows, Chickens…

You get the idea. Those are just a few of the series I have done and continue to produce new sketches for.

Sometimes I have very clearly defined parameters as to size and materials. Other times it’s just a thread of a theme or subject that holds them all together.

Mostly it is what I enjoy drawing most. 

Some things are that simple.

For this piece in my 2018 series of “Hats” I started to do what Dick calls “Stretching for it,” by stringing something that really can include everything.

Then I get pretty giddy and for weeks or months pretty much at least once a day I would sketch something in one of my on-going series. 

Now that I can’t sketch as much, I have enjoyed looking back at these series, seeing what caught my interest. 

Series also tend to pop up when I am testing paper, and that’s the case here. I was using Canson Heritage watercolor paper. It might be time to get some more.

But if I start putting hats on produce then you know I’m just not getting enough sleep and I’m being silly.

Enjoy the your own series. They let you explore and push.

You can see more of my “Hats” series by scrolling back through my Instagram account.

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