Accessories for Today’s Virtual Minnesota State Fair Sketch-In

August 29, 2020

Today at 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. CDT I’ll be live streaming a sketching demo.

It’s a Virtual State Fair Sketch-In because I won’t be at the Fairgrounds—the Minnesota State Fair was cancelled this year due to the Pandemic.

I’m glad we are staying safe but I’m always at the Fair on this day in any other year.

So I’m going to sketch for a little bit. 

You can read details on how to find the live stream on Facebook in this blog post, so click here.

Yes, I’ll have to use photos and not live subjects, and I’ll be in the studio not in a barn. But I’ll be live, and if you tune in live you can can ask me questions.

You can also sketch along.

I put together the following PDFs of Fair photos.

The event is over and these files are no longer available.

If you’re posting your work on social media please use this hashtag so I can enjoy your work too:


And yes, I know it says “SketchOut” but the hashtag got used in my Ecamm set up for the live stream scheduling which was the first thing I did, and many linked posts later I realized it didn’t make sense, it’s a sketch-in—but just go with it. I know I am.

Shouldn’t you be packing your watercolors now anyway and not worrying about that?

Some of the photos in the PDF are a bit fuzzy and show a lot of background. I included them because sometimes we need to step back and see the whole, and not focus on detail. And also sometimes people don’t like to sketch chickens (or pigeons) like I do. 

(I tend to stand very close to the animals as you’ll see if you go to this demo I posted on Vimeo yesterday from the 2016 Minnesota State Fair.)

You’ll be able to sketch at your own pace, but I encourage you to think about setting a timer and maybe doing some fast sketching during the 2 hours. Work as if your subject could move at any moment!

There may be men with beards in a couple of photos, but if there are that is purely coincidental. I intend to sketch animals today.

    • Linda
    • August 29, 2020

    Glad you were able to make the best of the situation this year. Thanks so much for the Livestream and photos!

    1. Reply

      Thank you for joining in. I hope you had some fun! I hope you can get some more sketching in this weekend.

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