A Short Video about My Favorite Brush Pens

July 8, 2020
Quick brush pen sketch with watercolor and a bit of white gouache on Strathmore 400 Series Toned Mixed Media paper (7.75 x 9.75 inch softcovered journal).

I love using the Pentel brush pens with the squeezy bodies, and of course the Pentel Pocket Brush pen. You can read more about them and see them in some different packaging in this linked blog post.

Today I’m posting short video I made for my Patreon—RozInterim subscribers. (The video appears at the base of this page.)

Sometimes, instead of writing a post for them I find it more clear to do a short video and discuss something as I demonstrate it. 

If you are new to sketching with brush pens I’ll show you how to get the ink flowing in a new pen, demonstrate the different line weights I can get with the different tips, discuss the different inks they contain and what those inks are useful for.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is why I use these rather than some of the many other brands on the market. For me it comes down to these three points

  • ink flow
  • brush resiliency and spring
  • lack of ink odor

You might want to try brush pens from other companies and see if they meet your criteria (which might be different from mine) better, but at least now you’ll have a starting point.

If you would like to join me over at my Patreon subscription blog you can go to this link. There you can read more about what I enjoy about these pens. You’ll also be able to watch the June 2020 sketch video where I sketched with one of these pens on toned paper and then painted over the sketch with watercolor used opaquely, all on toned paper. Additional videos show a variety of pens and approaches.

This month all the blog posts are actually videos showing me working with different pens, making experimental messes, and doing a fun exercise for testing a new pen.  

Now that I’ve decided to close my online teaching platform (there are only 3 class sessions left this year; the platform will remain open to registered students until December 31, 2021), the Patreon subscription blog will allow me to continue to have contact with artists interested in my approaches and interest in various media.

I wanted to share this brush pen video here today with you in the hopes that you might pick one up and start sketching with it. Often we say that “thus and such changed my life,” and the “thus and such” is different for us all. Using a brush pen won’t make you popular, clear your complexion, help you develop 6-pack abs, or enable you to hit a high-C when singing.

But I can tell you that once you really give the brush pen a chance and incorporate it into your drawing practice you will find many new avenues of fun opening up for you. You’ll start looking with fresh eyes at subjects you’ve sketched a hundred times before. You’ll think of new ways to marry ink and paint. You’ll probably stifle a giggle as you move the brush pen across your favorite paper because you’re having so much fun.

I hope you can start your brush pen journey today.

(I buy my brush pens locally from Wet Paint in St. Paul [they do mail order too, and contactless pick up now in the pandemic]; of if they are out of stock I pick some up from Jet Pens online. I am not financially affiliated with either company.)


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