Want To See How Roz Sketches and Paints?

May 8, 2020

Last December I started a Patreon-Roz Interim subscription blog where I place real time videos of my sketching demonstrations. 

This is the sketch that I showed in March of this year. It uses pen and watercolor in an Arteza Watercolor Book. (I’ve reviewed these journals elsewhere on this blog, please use the category list to find the related posts.)

I post a new video each month on the subscription blog. Depending on the subscription level you select you can view a sped up video, a real time video, and also have access to other posts and the blog’s discussion group.

Detail from this post’s portrait.

The videos are intended to get you thinking about your own process. The videos will also help you understand my process so that you can start planning your own experiments. All of the videos are post cataract surgery and I’m still working with uncorrected vision so you’ll see how I’m dealing with learning how to look through artificial lenses. 

In addition I post about dealing with your internal critic and other matters of creativity, all in my usual and upbeat way.

Subscribers can view past posts and videos on their own schedule. They can ask me questions about the topics that were raised earlier. 

If this sounds interesting to you, and you want to watch me sketch the above portrait, I hope you’ll go check out the site. If you want to see what’s coming up just look at the side bar on blog post pages of this website. I’m always updating that with small images of what is coming up.

You’ll see me paint with watercolor transparently; paint with watercolor opaquely (and explain why you don’t need gouache to get started painting opaquely); work with all sorts of pens on all sorts of paper; and also collage. All fun things to do while you are sheltering in place; or simply can’t get out and you want an alternative to television.  

    • Jen
    • May 8, 2020

    To anyone wondering whether to take the plunge and subscribe: I did and it’s the best decision I’ve taken all year. Watching Roz and listening to her decision-making has encouraged me to try new things and work through problems I have with my own sketches, amd the webinars have been fun and instructive. Thank you Roz!

    (I don’t know Roz other than as a cyber-student.)

    1. Reply

      Jen, thanks so much for the lovely testimonial. I have enjoyed seeing what you have been sketching and I’m so glad to know you are enjoying yourself. Thanks for being a part of this.

    • Asher
    • May 13, 2020

    How do we view the “protected” posts on this site? Do we have to make an account somewhere? I can’t find instructions about it anywhere.

    1. Reply

      Asher, unfortunately there is no way for you to have access to the “protected”posts at this time. I’m working on fixing some problems with the website and there are about 3000 posts so it’s slow going. It is not possible to make it a priority at this time because of cost and time. You should find everything for 2020 open. I believe most of 2019 is open. Anything before 2018 is sketchy and probably closed at this time. I just don’t have it all in my head. I started at one end, then thought it easier to go to the other end, and so it goes. But I appreciate your interest and your readership. Thanks for you patience.It’s just me sitting at a desk, with over 2 million words to wrangle.

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