In Context: Life Before Covid-19

May 20, 2020

A week ago, a couple weeks ago(?) Covid-19 took out the grand finale of Ink Master 2020. 

In the grand scheme of things, and with so many lives lost, it’s a small thing. But still a disappointment for the three finalists who won’t get to battle it out and find out who is “Ink Master.”

A flip through last year’s post cataract surgery journals found this portrait of Big Jaz, a contestant from 2019. It had me thinking about it “Ink Master” again; and stalled plans.

So many people, whether on “Ink Master,” or in some non-televised walk of life (which is the life most of us lead) have had disruptions, and great sadness.

For me the journal once again reminded me of the fun I had watching Big Jaz and how he was supportive of some of the other contestants. 

Juxtaposed against this pleasant memory is the horrible memory of my credit card getting hacked and someone buying a lot of stuff at a gas station! (Text column on the recto page.)

There are always going to be good things and bad things in life. Big Jaz was a good example of taking things in stride. Now all around us I find it hopeful when I see so many people doing the same, taking things in stride.

But we should still always, always pay close attention to our credit card statements.

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