Cupcakes—Thoughts and an Upcoming Demo

May 25, 2020
Page spread from a Canson 180 sketchbook, using a Pentel Brush Pen with pigment ink.

There’s a bakery in the same building as my eye doctor’s downtown office.

I made a lot of trips to his office last year. Dick drove me. Then on the walk down from the eye doctor’s office to the parking ramp I often suggested a stop at the bakery to buy some “life-drawing” models.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have more will power to resist eating bakery items than anyone else. But when I want to sketch from them I always purchase ones that are flavors I don’t care for. I pick baked goods that look good. It takes no will power to resist eating them.

This cupcake was around for weeks. It got so stale the meringue hardened into “stone” and fell off in one piece! But still I drew it.

Here you can see my first sketch of it, exploring its shape with the Pentel brush pen. I was working in a Canson 180 sketchbook and the drawing paper in that sketchbook LOVES the Pentel Brush Pen. I could literally fill an entire book in a day with brush pen sketches.

The lines on this paper come out sharp and crisp. You can see that in the detail from the image. The slight texture of the paper allows the hairs of the brush pen to split slightly and make interesting dry-brush effects. And yet you can stipple with the tip on this paper as well. 

Want To See Sketching Demos?

If you would like to see me sketch this cupcake with brush pen on tan toned paper, then paint opaquely on the sketch, all while working on a collaged background, please come and join me on my subscription blog Patreon/Roz Interim.

As a subscriber to that blog you’ll also have access to past sketching videos and related posts. 


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