Things to Do in the Current Pandemic: Get a New Eyeball

April 27, 2020

In an episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (available on Netflix) he interviews comedians as he spends time with them doing just that, getting coffee. (There are some side trips too.)

I had to pull some examples for a class I was teaching and I re-read this journal page from 2018. (It’s part of my fake journal for that year; but if my character was watching the show, so was I.)

The small red text might be difficult to read so I repeat it here:

Steve Harvey said on “Comedians in Cars…”:

Comedy is the most senseless profession on earth. I was born with this eyeball that sees everything different. Tragedy strikes, I got news for you—we have jokes that night. 

We live in an increasingly knee jerk society which puts so much off limits and I think it limits understanding and healing.

Now more than ever we need to find ways to see the humor and grace in the world. We need to all start looking with a new eyeball. We are going to need a lot of healing.

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