Registration Opens for New Session of Sewn-on-the-Spine Journal

April 5, 2020
Examples of Sewn on the Spine Journals.

The registration for my online Sewn-on-the-Spine-Journal class is now open.


Go here to Register.

(The registration page  contains a link to the supply handout which you can download before you register.)

You can click on this link to watch a video in which I explain why I like this structure so much.

Class begins on Saturday, May 2, 2020 

All lessons drop on Saturday, May 2 so you’ll be able to work at your own pace, but I’ll be available in class for the entire month, to answer your questions and keep you working.

Class includes video instructions for a square journal with a full cloth cover and a portrait journal with a cloth covered spine and decorative paper covered boards. Each uses a different stitch. (Additional stitch instructions are also included in class for later books.)

The videos for each structure are detailed and thorough.

In class you’ll learn how to tear paper for binding. You’ll also learn how to size and cut all the materials for your projects.

After you’ve made your initial first project you’ll learn how to adapt and customize the book’s size so that you can have books sized they way you enjoy working. You’ll learn how to tear fold outs. You’ll learn how to use all sorts of different collage papers and scraps to make your own style of visual journal.

It’s a class packed with info that will have you making beautiful journals in no time.

You’ll have access to the class through December 31, 2021. You’ll be able to return to class and review and make more beautiful books sized the way you want them—because I teach you how to do that.

I hope that you’ll take this opportunity to learn this book structure. 

There will be one more session of this class in October 2020. Registration will open for that class on September 4. I have no plans to teach this class in 2021.

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